Acting sustainably

Weiter denken

An die Zukunft zu denken, hat bei Brauns-Heitmann Tradition. Der verantwortungsvolle Umgang mit Energie, Ressourcen und der Umwelt gehört deshalb fest zum Unternehmensleitbild. Als produzierendes Unternehmen ist sich Brauns-Heitmann seiner besonderen Verantwortung bewusst und nimmt diese gern wahr. Dies spiegelt sich in unserer Energie- und Umweltpolitik wider.

Vorwärts streben

Wesentlicher Bestandteil der Unternehmenskultur ist es, stetig nach besseren, nachhaltigen Produkten und Arbeitsweisen zu streben. Dazu trägt die Zertifizierung nach EMAS bei. Dieses Gütesiegel der Europäischen Union gilt weltweit als anspruchsvollstes System für ein nachhaltiges Umweltmanagement. Die damit verbundene Umwelterklärung macht die gesetzten Umweltziele für transparent.

Using renewable energy

Brauns-Heitmann uses exclusively green electricity in its production processes. The company’s own photovoltaic systems on the roofs of its production halls cover around 50 per cent of its power demand. Brauns-Heitmann is committed to eco-friendly production, always saves electricity and water, and avoids unnecessary waste.

Sustainable development

In its laundry and household care products, Brauns-Heitmann uses carefully tested raw materials. Health and safety, sustainability, and quality are key factors in their selection. This means that Brauns-Heitmann only uses natural and nature-identical acids, such as citric acid, as limescale removers and similar products. These are manufactured to food-grade quality from natural raw materials.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Brauns-Heitmann uses predominantly recycled paper in its cardboard packaging, and its bottles are produced from recycled plastic. Since 1 July 2019, the IMPRESAN and HEITMANN brands have gradually introduced bottles with a waste plastic content of at least 90 per cent. This has cut the CO2 emissions produced during the manufacture of the bottles by around 70 per cent.

Environmentally friendly packaging made of recycled material

Plastic waste is a major problem around the world. Brauns-Heitmann is therefore consistently modifying the bottles for its IMPRESAN and HEITMANN products. Since 1 July 2019, the EMAS-audited company has been using new bottles with a waste plastic content of more than 90 per cent for these brands.

Obtained from household waste

This recycled plastic is manufactured from so-called post-consumer recycled material. The plastic is thus recovered from household waste and subsequently used in new packaging. When compared with conventional bottles made of virgin materials, the CO2 emitted during this manufacturing process falls by around 70 per cent.

Important contribution

Bottles made of recycled material contribute to a functioning resource cycle and help to avoid the burning of plastic. Consumers themselves also play a key part in this cycle by separating their household waste and favouring sustainable packaging made of recycled material.

Boxes made of recycled paper

Brauns-Heitmann uses predominantly recycled paper for its cardboard packaging. The waste paper content in HEITMANN egg dye packets is at least 80 per cent. The boxes used by the HEITMANN and IMPRESAN brands contain around 95 per cent of recycled paper. The same applies to the packaging for the Fabric Dye expert, Colour Refresh, and Back To products from simplicol. The collapsible boxes used for the simplicol Fabric Dye intensive range are made of FSC-certified paper. All cardboard outer packaging is 100 per cent recyclable and thus continues to be readily usable in the resource cycle.

Getting better all the time

Brauns-Heitmann has been audited in accordance with the EMAS. This environmental management system and seal of approval of the European Union is applicable to all areas of our company and calls for continuous improvement. Our processes and consumption figures are continually optimised through waste prevention and energy conservation measures, for example. As a founding member of the Rezyklat-Forum, which was initiated by the pharmacy chain dm to promote materials recycling, Brauns-Heitmann will continue to drive this topic forward. Brauns-Heitmann is happy to shoulder its responsibilities and actively contributes to climate and environmental protection.