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    Brauns-Heitmann as an employer

    So, you want to make a difference? Welcome to Brauns-Heitmann! Join our team and share your ideas.


    We are constantly evolving.

      • Brauns-Heitmann develops, produces, and distributes household and laundry care products as well as decorative items, food colourings, and egg dyes. Put another way: we make homes colourful and fresh!

      • Our home is Warburg, Germany, where we enjoy views of Desenberg hill. At Brauns-Heitmann, we feel a connection with this region. We shoulder our responsibilities as an employer and a business that offers training opportunities as well as through our sustainable approach to the environment and its resources.

      • We are people and colleagues who really enjoy our work. At Brauns-Heitmann, everyone matters. We treat each other with respect, appreciate the work done by others, and speak openly with each other.

      • We are a company that wants to keep on developing: with innovative products of outstanding brand quality. That’s why we are committed to a process of continuous improvement and interdepartmental ideas management.



      We offer many advantages.